Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is it about VW Campervans??

I often get asked this question, as many people can't get their heads around the attraction of an old slow Campervans. For some it's just the "in thing" and their fling with a VW will no doubt be short and turbulent and will have faded by the end of summer.;-) For me it's something different. My van isn't just a vehicle's part of the family, a feeling echoed by my six year old daughter.

Our van is used every day, from the school run to the "big" shop at the supermarket. It has it's own character and quirks and if you understand these, you'll find life is a lot easier with her. ( yes the van is a girl) In the morning when it's cold she prefers slow gentle gear changes until she's warmed up and after every long journey I give her a gentle tap on the dashboard and thank her for getting us home.

However don't think that's she's lives a pampered no she has to earn her keep. Many a time she's had to carry everything from cement mixers to sofa's and towed my trailer (loaded with fence panels and a garden shed)

She has fun too with camping by the beach and climbing over Welsh mountains and picnics in the forests. So if are thinking of buying a Campervan remember this.........

" A Campervan if for life , not just for Christmas"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dubfreeze 2011

I've just had an enjoyable weekend sitting in a field in the middle of Staffordshire,sleeping in an unheated campervan talking absolute twaddle. Am I mad??? Some may think so, but I'm just one of many tens of thousands who like getting away from the Stress of everyday life and getting together with like minded folk in their VW Campers.

Yes I just spent a weekend at "Dubfreeze" a VW festival for all things VW. Generally considered the Show season starter Dubfreeze has been running for many years now and I've been going ever since owing my first VW Beetle.

The Aim of this blog is to talk about things that affect me , my family and all those with a similar outlook in keeping reading .. ;-)